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CEO Office & Public Relations

CEO Office and Public Relations Management
CEO Area, Public Relations, and Secretariat are defined as administrative structures of this management. Public Relations and Secretariats offices of Yazd, Bonab, Qazvin, and Rasht Radiation Complexes also perform their duties under the supervision of this management. All three offices play an important role in presenting the company due to the especial nature of their role and the necessity of building positive relationships with the internal and external departments and of course the public. Therefore, efforts have been made to fulfill the mission correctly by describing the responsibilities precisely, in order to rightly achieve the organizational goals and objectives.
Responsibilities of CEO Office
  • Establishing effective communication and coordinating to synchronize the functions of various sections of the company in the shortest possible time;
  • Planning and scheduling to run the CEO meeting excellently;
  • Arranging the meeting of the CEO with guests from governmental agencies, private and knowledge-based companies;
  • Having a line of communication and scheduling appointments and responding to calls regarding the affairs of company;
  • Receiving correspondence, classifying them and planning in order to obtain the order of the CEO and refer to the relevant units;
  • Receiving and classifying correspondence, obtaining the CEO's order;
  • Improving and strengthening the spirit of unity and cooperative interaction as much as possible in the workplace, as well as creating an environment for effective intra-organizational communication;
  • Supervising the preparation of the minutes and agenda and communicate the orders of CEO to the related units and following up until the result is achieved;
  • Guiding and directing customers to the relevant departments;
Responsibilities of Public Relations Office
  • Preparing, monitoring and updating company's website content;
  • Organizing and running press conferences;
  • Working with media relations to build positive relationships with journalists, publications, and other news outlets;
  • Prepare official press releases for the company's website and issue to the news media as well;  
  • News coverage of the company's special event, beside preparation of videos and press releases in order to maintain the positive image in the public;
  • Participation in the planning and running ceremonial events, seminars, meetings, conferences;
  • Track media and news coverage of the company and respond quickly to issues, if required;
  • Aligning and setting the annual missions in with the company’s;
 Responsibilities of Secretariat Office
  • Receiving, registering and distributing incoming correspondence;
  • Organizing all letters, files, circular, documents and records and maintaining a professional filling system in accordance with the principles and protocols for archives; 
  • Utilizing confidential information protection strategy for classified documents, records and information in the company;
  • Supervising the performance of the subsidiary secretariat staff to insure the effective fulfilment of their duties;
Organizational structure
CEO office and Public Relations unit, as the central core as well as the vital part of the company, are trying to move in consonance with fulfilling the company’s objectives and goals by developing and maintaining cooperation and collaboration in the workplace. Certainly, directing the work environment towards cooperation and constructive and intimate working relationships, as well as creating a common understanding of the company’s vision, away from tension and in a calm atmosphere, allows the employees to align their goals with that of the company and keep in line with the company's values. It is believed that employees are the engine powering of the system and its success is proportional to the amount of effort each employee puts in the work. On the other hand, public diplomacy is indispensable, which is all about informing, communicating, and interacting with media, scholars, entrepreneurs, and the general public, aims at conveying the right image of the company and shaping and influencing public impression in order to avoid any confusion and miscommunication and represent a clear image to the general public and accomplish major goals and objectives.  
One of the important missions of this department is to inform the general public by relying on available capacity.  Raising awareness in order to positively molding and influencing the public opinion became vital, particularly in today’s fast-paced media environment. Therefore, introducing precisely this neglected aspect of the nuclear industry is considered as an important mission of this department. In this regard, gathering information and news writing then disseminate news releases to the general public clearly and timely through the digital space such as websites and social media in the shortest time, help to accomplish this mission.


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