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Safety, Radiation Protection and Permits

Safety, Radiation Protection and Permits Management
This management has four sub-branches of radiation safety, industrial safety, health physics and obtaining legal permits.
  • performing and fulfilment of obligations stated in Iran Nuclear Regulatory Authority (INRA) documents in the field of health physics, safety and radiation protection;
  • Technical cooperation with facilities and subsidiary centers for ensuring the effective fulfilment of obligations in the field of health and safety physics;
  • Developing fundamental and effective legislation associated with the facilities safety and the radiation and non-radiation activities in the subsidiary centers.
  • Developing long-term and short-term plans in order to establish and implement safe operation of facilities and to mitigate possible risks.
  • Enforcing the subsidiary centers and facilities to adopt a safe operation guidelines, to promote and enhance a culture of safety
  • Development, management and operation of a personal protective equipment system for use in radioactively contaminated facilities and the subsidiary centers.
  • Monitoring on providing and developing a safety documents (radiation and non-radiation) including regulations, guidelines, documented procedures and instructions.
  • Developing and fulfilling the inspection, assessment and monitoring programme for ensuring safety of the facilities and the subsidiary centers
  • Controlling the workers’ health surveillance who engaged in radiation work at all stages in the lifetime (early career to retirement)
  • Appointing recognition committees to determine the radiation percentage (absorbed dose) of the workers.
  • Controlling the compliance of plans and projects with the criteria and requirements of Iran Nuclear Regulatory Authority (INRA) as well as international radiation safety criteria and standards
  • Checking the qualification and adequacy of the facilities and subsidiary centers to deal with any emergency accident situation  
  • Obtaining permits at different stages, including the stages of design, manufacture, construction, assembly, commissioning, operation, maintenance and decommissioning for the local applicants, as well as foreign applicants thereof;
  • Designing, developing and planning safety radiation protection training courses in safety and radiation protection as well as specialized fields with regard to radiation facilities.
  • Assessment of potential radiation risks, threats and hazards in the facilities and subsidiary centers.

Organizational Structure

Safety (radioactive and non-radioactive) is to provide and optimize the highest possible level of physical, mental and social health status for radiation workers, to prevent occupational diseases and accidents, to protect people and the environment from the detrimental impacts of ionizing radiation. This goal should be achieved without restricting the activity of the facility or executing any activities that give rise to radiation risks
Establishing and utilizing an efficient safety management system in order to integrate safety requirements, accordance to other requirements such as human performance, quality and security to achieve the company's goals.


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