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Tehran Gamma Irradiation Facility

About us
Multipurpose Tehran IR-136 Gamma Irradiation Facility is the first radiation center in the country, which has been in operation for foods and medical instruments radiation sterilization by gamma irradiation.
Tehran Gamma Irradiation Facility was built and launched in 1985, in Atomic Ennergy Organization of Iran, by MDS Nordion of Canada in cooperation with the United Nations Development Programme, aimed at addressing demands for healthcare and public health sector in the radiation sterilization field of medical instruments, reduction of food loss and waste and shelf life extension of agricultural products.
Tehran Gamma Irradiation Facility, with the highest radiation source capability, throughput about 45,000 cubic meters per year (equivalent to 300,000 standard cartons of the system), is commonly applied for radiation sterilization of all kinds of single-use medical devices, sanitary and hospital equipment, foodstuffs, spices, vegtables, herbs and agricultural products and animal feed by using cobalt-60 radiation to reduce microorganisms on a variety of different products and extend their shelf-life.
In addition to being registered in the International Atomic Energy Agency (DIFF) radiation systems site, the irradiation operation in Tehran Gamma Irradiation Facility is supported by international standards, ISO 11137 and ISO 13485.
Tehran Gamma Irradiation facility, as one of the most important infrastructures for optimising the level of healthcare, provides the essential services in the field of suplying food security and treatment of the community, available 24 hours a day, seven days a week.
Gamma irradiation sterilization process is becoming the most widely used and reliable treatment compared to other alternatives. Gamma Radiation as a novel technology has taken the place of cold storage, chemicals, food preservatives and agricultural pesticides by utilizing the latest international standards.

Irradiation Equipment
Tehran Gamma Irradiation Facility is equipped with "Gamma Radiation System", two reference laboratories of "Microbiology and Dosimetry", and has also aCustomer relations Office”  in order to carry out radiation, in accordance with leading-edge standards.

Gamma Irradiation System
Tehran Gamma Irradiation Facility is IR-136 and employ Cobalt-60 as the radiation source. At the irradiation facility, the products place inside cartons with specific sizes, then packed products move into the irradiation room and treat for the selected dwell time and dose rate predetermined by the dosimetry laboratory. The products exit after treatment which is all done by personnels of the irradiation facility.

Medical and Food Microbiology Laboratory

Medical and Food Microbiology Laboratory determines the overall contamination rate by microbial testing and sampling from medical devices and foodstuffs to announce required dose for sterilization or elimination of the microbial load to the dosimetry laboratory.

    The goal of the laboratory is to eliminate threatening and pathogenic microorganisms of public health, animals and plants significance.
    Tehran Gamma Irradiation Facility is a reference microbiology laboratory pursues optimising service quality, and all the necessary tests before and after irradiation process, in accordance with the national and international standards.

Dosimetry and Quality Control Laboratory
Dosimetry and quality control laboratory of Tehran gamma irradiation facility’s, after calculating effective dose in the laboratories, carries out important tasks for the implementation of radiation operations, as follows:
  • Dose planning, dwell timing (based on the microbial load ratio and density of the product, etc.) and product irradiation prioritization;
  • Process control of radiation treatment;
  • Quality control of irradiation process, validation and issuance clearance permit;

Gamma-ray irradiation is a widespread sterilization treatment to eliminate microorganisms on a variety of different products which have long been used on the public and commercial level. Tehran gamma irradiation facility, supported by the reliable and highly effective standards, is capable to irradiate and sterilize a wide range of products, including:

Sterilization of health care and medical products, cosmetics and toiletries
Gamma irradiation sterilization of medical devices is one of the most important applications of radiation technology. Irradiation is a safe, reliable and highly effective at sterilizing medical equipment. Considering the high number of patients with hospital-acquired infections in the country, due to the use of non-sterile or sterilized equipment with uncertain methods, irradiation can help as a vital mean to significantly reduce this number [1].
      Some examples of products that are commonly sterilized by Gamma irradiation at Tehran gamma irradiation facility include: surgical suture, syringe and needle, surgical gloves, surgical gown, medical bandage and gauze, prostheses, implants, plates, bio-implants, filters and dialysis sets, aseptic bags and packaging materials, blood lancets, laboratory equipment, medical mask, dental needles, drop and ointment container, dental floss, cotton swabs, baby powder, etc.

Agricultural Commodities and Food Products Irradiation
Radiation application has widely and successfully been used in medicine, industry, agriculture and scientific research. Since the energies used in irradiation are below the level that can cause changes in the nucleus of the atom, the product after irradiation is not radioactive and can be used immediately. One of the most important radiation applications is in the food industry for microbal decontamination and shelf life extension of food products.
Food irradiation can effectively reduce or eliminate pathogenic micro-organisms that cause foodborne illness, moreover extend the shelf life of foods.
A variety of foods can be irradiated in Tehran gamma irradiation facility, including: Spices, dried vegetables, seasonings and condiments, herbal powders, herbs, tea, egg white and yolk, etc.
    Radura is an international symbol on the irradiated food lable to let consumers know that the product has been treated with irradiation. In countries like United States, it is required that irradiated foods bear this symbol for irradiation on the food label.  
Radura logo- an international symbol of irradiated foods

Other capabilities:
  • Irradiation of ancient monuments, manuscripts and antiquities;
  • Irradiation of glasses and  gem stones;
  • Irradiation of temperature-sensitive products;
  • Irradiation of products which are sensitive to chemical residues;
  • Irradiation of products with high density, impermeable packaging to chemical methods;
  • Irradiation of human and animal tissue implants, including bone allograft and etc;
  • Irradiation of special soft tissues used for implants;
  • Irradiation of pre-filled ampoules and syringes;
  • Irradiation of calf serum

Contact us
Customer relations Office of Tehran Gamma Irradiation facility was created with the aim of client appreciation and providing service at all stages from acceptance to discharge of the products, in compliance with the principles of customer orientation.
Moreover, this office, as a communication bridge between irradiation facility, laboratories and customers, provides the following services:
  • Communicating  and coordinating with customers for acceptance and discharge of the products;
  • Documenting and survey customer opinion to improve customer service quality;
  • Understanding markets and customers, promoting irradiated foods and developing services;
  • Issuing a radiation certificate and invoice, settlement and clearance;

Please contact customer relations office for more information;

Address: Atomic Energy Organization of Iran, Kargar Shomali St., Tehran
Tel: (+98)2188221222
Fax: (+98)2188221221

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