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North-West Irradiation Complex (Bonab)

About Us
North-West Irradiation Complex (Bonab) was established 1995 under the name of Bonab Irradiation and Research Center, as the only unit of AEOI in the northwest region of Iran, with the aim of irradiating agricultural products, food products and executing applied research projects of AEOI. Currently, Bonab Irradiation Complex, as one of the Subsidiaries of Iran Radiation Application Development Company (IRAD CO.), is expanding the range of irradiation activities and radiation application and has become a Center for design and manufacturing radiation equipment on the strength of experienced and capable employees, unique infrastructures and equipment, and also the valuable experiences of working in various specialized fields for more than two decades.

Aiming to irradiation application development, North-West Irradiation Complex (Bonab) is currently equipped with the following laboratories and systems;
  1. Design and manufacturing nuclear equipment laboratory
  2. Nuclear agriculture and microbiology laboratory
  3. Physics and electro-mechanics laboratory
  4. Polymer and surface engineering laboratory
  5. Technical engineering workshop
  6. Multipurpose fixed irradiator
  7. Self-shielded gamma irradiator for grains
The focus of Bonab complex is to accomplish the following tasks by relying on its capabilities, talented employees, equipment and hardware facilities, regional potential and organizational mission of IRAD Company;
  • Develop irradiation methods and technologies by designing and manufacturing irradiation devices, equipment and tools;
  • Provide nuclear industry services and supports
  • Develop nuclear agriculture research and projects related to the northwest of Iran aming to cropping pattern modifications and water conservation and helping to Urmia Lake restoration and cooperation in haloculture projects.
  • Establish a specialized and general nuclear training center in the northwest of Iran

Through the past two decades, this complex has been involved in various fields such as producing nuclear-grade graphite and laboratory scale radiation resistant paint coating; design and manufacturing Gamma Cell and Lead Cell and self-shielded irradiator; advanced welding  glass and ceramic into metal; friction stir and turbulent welding (TIG & FSW ); analyzing and controlling physical chemistry of materials, etc. With respect to infrastructural facilities and valuable experiences, North-West Irradiation Complex (Bonab) has displayed its capability in executing projects in various fields and trends, including:
  • Design and manufacturing all kinds of portable, fixed and customized self-shielded irradiator;
  • Design and manufacturing all types of lead cell and hot cell used in steel and medical industry;
  • Design and manufacturing gammacell with medical and research application;
  • Design and manufacturing medical X-ray machine;
  • Design and manufacturing electron gun for linear and dynamitron accelerators
  • X-ray tube design and manufacture;
  • Producing paint coating for nuclear power plants;
  • Manufacturing hydromulch using gamma rays;
  • Manufacturing all types of graphite;
  • Producing activated carbon from wood wastes
  • Welding all kinds of materials (advance welding of glass and ceramic into metal, etc.)
  • Friction stir and turbulent welding (TIG & FSW)
  • Using gamma rays to produce whey protein-based edible films

In recent years, several research projects have been executed in the North-West Irradiation Complex (Bonab), some of which, in addition to obtaining relevant technical knowledge, have achieved good results, among which the following can be mentioned;
Self-shielded Gamma irradiator;
Lead Cell and Hot Cell;
Paint Coating Manufacture for nuclear power plants;
Laboratory samples of radiation resistant paint coating have been successfully produced in the North-West Irradiation Complex (Banab); underwent various tests such as evaluation of gamma-irradiation effects, deactivation test, hydrogen production test and eventually the acceptable quality of these colors has been proved.
Graphite Manufacture
With a view to the importance of graphite as a strategic material, North-West Irradiation Complex (Bonab) has started to produce nuclear grade graphite and has successfully achieved the technology of producing bench scale of this type of graphite.
Current Projects
North-West Irradiation Complex (Bonab) is given a mandate to execute several research projects which among them the following can be mentioned;
  1. Manufacture of self-shielded gamma irradiator with a capacity up to 50 and 100 kilocuries;
  2. Design and manufacture of lead cell and hot cell with the ability to use advanced and semi-automatic electronic and control systems;
  3. Semi-industrial scale Production of hydromulch and utilizing in stabilization of fine dust in Urmia Lake;
  4. Design and manufacture of the first X-ray device with medical research application and irradiation of blood products in Iran;
  5. Design and manufacture of X-ray tube;
  6. Industrial-scale manufacture of paint coating for nuclear power plants;

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