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Central Iran Irradiation Complex (Yazd)

About us
Central Iran Irradiation Complex was operated in 1997 as a subsidiary of the Atomic Energy Organization of Iran, aimed at respond to the country's research and industrial needs in the field of electron and X-ray radiation. A 5-10 MeV, high power electron accelerator (Rhodotron) became operational since 1998 for the purpose of irradiating disposable medical devices, food products, polymeric materials, research and development.
Central Iran Irradiation Complex (Yazd) which is equipped with unique equipment, is ready to provide services in the following fields:
  1. Irradiation of Polymeric Materials and Production;
  2. Radiation sterilization of disposable (single-use) medical products;
  3. Food irradiation to disinfect and eliminate insect pests;
  4. Conducting chemical and quality control testing for polymer;
  5. Controlling the irradiation process and measuring the absorbed dose in a product;
  6. Examining the microbial load of food before and after irradiation and calculating the effective dose for each product;
  7. Designing and manufacturing variety of different accelerators;
  8. Capability to execute research projects in relation to various fields of radiation in laboratories including: polymer, microbiology and dosimetry, …

Irradiation Equipment

Polymer Laboratories
In an attempt to conduct research tests on different polymeric materials, polymer laboratory was established and its mission is to conduct research and find effective solutions to remove challenges and barriers in the way of polymer industries. Polymer laboratories are including:
  • Thermal analysis laboratory;
  • Physical-mechanical properties laboratory; (Polymer characterization laboratory);
  • Electrical properties laboratory;
  • Polymer chemistry laboratory;
  • Spectrometry laboratory;
  • Wastewater treatment laboratory;

Microbiology Laboratory
The microbiology laboratory calculates the effective dose required for radiation by examining the amount of primary microbial contamination of disposable medical supplies, foodstuffs, sanitary and cosmetic supplies, etc.
Microbiology laboratory process:


Microbiology laboratory services:
  • Examining the amount of microbial contamination of different materials;
  • Calculating the effective dose for sterilization of disposable (single-use) medical devices;
  • Detecting and Isolating all types of bacteria and fungi;
  • Carrying out sterility test of sterile products;
  • Determining the effective dose to reduce the microbial load in food, Health and cosmetic to the desired level
  • Investigating the efficiency of microorganisms in the decomposition of certain types of materials
  • Analysing antibiotic resistance and drug sensitivity patterns of bacterias
  • Investigating the antimicrobial effects of medicinal plants
  • Being prepared for executing related research projects

Dosimetry Laboratory
Dosimetry laboratory process:

The main activities of the dosimetry laboratory:
  • Calculation and measurement of the dose distribution in radiation systems
  • Dose measurement in irradiated products
  • Dosimetry and diagnosis of radiation exposure;
  • Determination of the effective dose for achieving the desired effect or characteristic in polymers;
  • Quality control of heat shrinkable products, simultaneously and after the irradiation process under the effect of electron beam;
  • Irradiation process validation;

Irradiation Systems Development Group
The leading activities of this group are as follows:
  • Design and manufacture of electron irradiators;
  • Design and manufacture of polymer products irradiator;
  • Design and manufacture of special irradiators;
  • Design and manufacture of portable irradiator;
  • Design and manufacture of components of electron irradiators;
  • Design, optimization and manufacture of control and sample handling systems in irradiators;
Yazd complex irradiation systems development group includes: design, construction and radiation services workshop.
1- Design and manufacturing workshop
  • Nuclear design of irradiators
  • Design and manufacture of mechanical part of irradiators
  • Design and manufacture of instruments and control systems of irradiators
  • Design and manufacture of electronic part of irradiators
  • Design of radiation protection
  • Guiding and supervising in developing of operation manual and safety analysis of designed and manufactured irradiators
2- Irradiation services
  • Management of Yazd complex electron irradiators
  • Research in the field of increasing the efficiency and safety of irradiator systems which are located in the complex
  • Conducting tests to boost electron irradiators systems
  • Preparation of electron beam system manual
  • Participation in the preparation of instructions and safety analysis report of electron irradiation systems
  • Participation in the preparation of instructions and safety analysis report of electron irradiation systems
  • Training electron irradiator operator
  • Repairing and maintaining electron irradiators
  • Irradiation of a wide variety of products, such as medical, agricultural, food and polymeric, etc.

Radiation Application Group in the Field of Industry
The research group on industrial application of radiation works in three research fields: measurement and control devices, dosimetry and the environment in the form of research projects and related services. The research activities of this group are as follows:
  • Constructing suitable dosimeters for applying in radiation process
  • Calculation and measurement of dose distribution in irradiator
  • Determination of absorbed dose in an irradiated product
  • Dosimetry and diagnosis of radiation exposure
  • Validation of products

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