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Engneering and Technology Development

About Deputy
Deputy of engineering and technology department as an engine powering of the company plays a significant role in the development of radiation generators (ionizing and non-ionizing) and their applications in the fields of industry, healthcare, agriculture, security, environment and  also creating a positive sense of change in people's lives, in line with the vision and macro strategies of the company and organization Iran's atomic energy plays a role.
Moving toward scientific direction, identifying and developing new applications along with stabilizing existing applications with the view of increasing productivity is one of the important tasks of this deputy. In this regard, this deputy will take steps by executing product-oriented projects and plans based on existing demands with the participation of the private sector, especially knowledge-based companies, government bodies, including universities, research institutes, or other organizations. This deputy is ready to cooperate in the industrialization of technologies with a TRL higher than 5 by using expert and efficient forces in all parts of the country and using the opinions of experts from other departments of the AEOI such as Nuclear Sciences and Technologies Research Institute (NSTRI).

  • Execution of announced project
  • Preparation of research proposals (new ideas, investigation and discovery)
  • Process and factor optimization and improvement
  • Development of new products, services and processes
  • Determination of scientific strategies
  • Cooperation in identifying risks and opportunities
  • Preparation of related presentations and scientific reports
  • Cooperation in holding scientific seminars and training courses
  • Reverse Engineering
  • Generating new knowledge
  • Attending and visiting exhibitions, scientific events of universities, research institutes and industrial centers
  • Connection with universities and scientific centers
  • Advisement and collaboration with other administrative departments of the company
  • Announcement of technical recommendation regarding the referred projects
  • Collaboration in documentation
  • Project execution planning (preparation/review/supervision) (resources/time)
  • Monitoring the progress of the project and reporting the causes of delay
  • Risk analysis and management
  • Knowledge management
  • Establishing effective relationship with executives, team members and beneficiary
  • Organization and motivation the project team members
  • Strong cooperation with other administrations
  • Project management of irritation complexes
  • Technical survey of statements of condition
  • Cost estimation
  • Management of DCC, reports and documents
  • Project maintenance and troubleshooting
  • Quality control (QC)
  • Collaboration in the preparation of instructions and execution plan (repair, inspection and preventive maintenance)
  • Technical supervision on the company products
  • Purchasing supervision (outsourcing/contracting)
  • Reporting Project Status to Senior Management
  • Supervisory Visits of different sources

Organizational Structure

Based on the organizational structure of Iran Irradiation Application Development Company (IRAD Co.), this deputy includes three managements with the titles of research and development management (R&D), technical supervision and inspection management and project management.


  • Designing and manufacturing multi-purpose electron and gamma irradiators in the country and region
  • Establishing new irradiation facilities in the country
  • Designing, manufacturing and supplying new accelerators to meet country’s needs
  • Developing nuclear detection, diagnostic and measurement instrumentations
  • Developing different applications of radiation in industries, medicine, health, safety, environment and scientific research
  • Interacting efficiently with knowledge-based companies in the field of designing and manufacturing and supplying radiation equipment
  • Manufacturing of radiation subsystems through the support of the private sector and knowledge-based companies


The task of this deputy are as follows:
  • Performing technical and engineering services including design, construction and development of fixed and portable irradiators for various applications such as health, industry, agriculture, environment and safety
  • Feasibility and technical and price analysis of manufacturing irradiators corresponding the request of the private sector.
  • Providing services related to purchasing and supplying equipment at irradiation facilities
  • Consulting and monitoring related to irradiation equipment and facilities installation
  • Designing, manufacturing and operating electron accelerators.
  • Designing, manufacturing and operating NDT systems  using either X-ray or gamma radiation
  • Designing, manufacturing of cargo scanner systems
  • Designing, manufacturing nuclear gauges
  • Providing services related to periodical inspections, workshops, technical supervision of in constructing of radiation facility
  • Setting attainable goals and strategies in the field of radiation application proliferation utilizing radiation generators
  • Holding specialized courses in the fields of accelerator and detection systems.

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