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Resources and Management Development

About Us
Deputy of resources and management development is one of the staff deputies of IRAD Co., which is active in the fields of human resources, information and communication technology (ICT), financial, logistic and support affairs. This deputy is tried to develop and improve the company’s performance by making the infrastructure efficient and providing the required resources. Indeed, this deputy performs its role by providing the above services to the various departments of the company. In order to fulfill this mission, first of all, the most efficient management systems and new technologies have been applied; second the centrality of human resources in organizational development is considered; third efficiency, effectiveness, innovation, creativity, responsibility and adhering to laws in order to attain all the missions and achieve predetermined goals are promoted.

Deputy of resources and management development of IRAD Co. carries out the mission to utilize all management and technical capabilities based on scientific and legal criteria through effective management of resources to lay the groundwork for other departments to fulfill their plans which are in line with the company's goals and policies.

This deputy believes that the use of human, social and material resources as well as the use of the most efficient modern technologies in the field of effective planning, organization and monitoring of human, information, Physical and financial resources, along with continuous improvement of the productivity level, can be the best support and facilitator to accomplish the missions which are in line with the macro policies of the company. Additionally, it is the goal to put all the effort to become the most excellent deputy of resources and management development among the companies in nuclear industry by following justice and fair law and sustainable development.

Organizational Values
  • Extending justice and avoiding discrimination in providing services
  • Honoring clients based on human dignity
  • Meritocracy and competency-based management
  • Observance of rules, organizational regulations and ethics
  • Focusing on employees' physical and mental well-being

Micro Objectives
  • Development and management of human resources
  • Development and promotion of welfare programs
  • Reforming Organizational Structures
  • Reduction of government involvement and development of good governance
  • Administrative reform
  • Development, preservation and maintenance of infrastructure and physical resources
  • Establishment of financial discipline
  • provision and optimal allocation of financial resources

Organizational Structure

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